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Adopter Profiles
Waiting List Organisation
Secure Payment
Adopter information at your fingertips
Adopters need to complete a profile form in order to sign up to DoggyDoor. This form asks for information about their motivations, household, lifestyle, past pet experiences and living space (including any garden photos). When an adopter makes an equiry, you are able to see these details and determine whether you would like to continue to chat with the adopter, either via phone or otherwise. You can also take private notes on each adopter.
Adopter profile
Organise your waiting lists
A crucial part of the breeding process is organising and managing prospective adopters. On DoggyDoor, you can easily sort adopters into various waiting lists, and prioritise adopters on each list. This can help you, as a breeder, stay on top of the increasing number of enquiries. Please note that adopters are unable to see if they are on one of your waiting lists - because your privacy matters.
Be alerted when a prospective adopter commits to another breeder
If an adopter on your waiting list pays a deposit to another breeder on DoggyDoor, you will be alerted in your inbox.
Waiting list
Receive payments however & whenever you choose
Adopters can make payments to you via the DoggyDoor website, using their credit card, and secured by the Stripe Connect payments engine. This saves the hassle of sharing your bank details, as well as being a much more secure process for everybody. As a breeder, you can make deposit and balance payments available to your selected adopters at the appropriate time, and the money goes straight into your bank account. You are in full control of the timing and pricing of all payments, and if you do prefer to accept payment via cash or bank transfer, that capability is also built into DoggyDoor. Secure and flexible payments, in your complete control.
Secure payment
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