Building a safer community for our dogs

Enriching relationships between ANKC registered breeders and dog loving homes

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Our mission

Our mission was born out of our love and connection to our best friends. We strive every day to build a safer community for our dogs.


We aim to ensure that buyers are increasingly educated about the commitment required to look after a dog and what it will mean for their lifestyle.


Organising litter dates, waiting lists, favouriting buyers and taking private notes are some of the things we provide our breeders to help with the 'day-to-day'.


We strive to build a community of breeders and buyers which is based on transparency, trust and accountability.


We want buyers to communicate with ANKC registered breeders to ensure that the breeding processes are carried out ethically and are consistently monitored.

Join our breeder community

Big or small; no matter the size of the pup, we make it easier for you to ensure that your pups are going to good and safe homes. Ensuring a safer community for our dogs!