DoggyDoor is purpose built for ANKC registered breeders and is completely free for breeders to use; from initial communication with buyers all the way through to finding your pup its new home.

When does DoggyDoor charge?

DoggyDoor charges a fee to the buyer of a pup, only in the event of a successful transaction. The fee (7.2%) is added on top of the price of the pup.

Why do we charge a fee?

The fee enables DoggyDoor to provide both breeders and buyers with the best overall experience. The fee ensures that our project is sustainable and therefore allows us to achieve our mission: to build a safer community for our dogs.

Is the DoggyDoor fee refundable?

The DoggyDoor fee is fully refundable in the event that the transaction needs to be cancelled. For example: If a deposit needs to be refunded, the DoggyDoor fee will be included in the refund.