Taking private notes on prospective adopters

Once a prospective adopter has contacted you, you are given access to their information to assist you in making a judgment call as to whether they will provide a good home for one of your pups.

We understand that there are many factors that go into this decision-making process, including speaking by phone with the prospective adopter.

Whilst chatting to the prospective adopter, you may like to take some notes to ensure that you don’t forget any critical information. You can do this by entering the chat page with the adopter via your Inbox page, and finding the adopter panel on the right.

You are able to allocate an adopter to a planned litter (that you have set up previously), as well as note the adopter's preferred sex and colour of the pup.

You can also view an extensive adopter profile by clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab in the adopter panel.