How DoggyDoor helps you find good homes for your puppies

Good home

We understand that one of your most important roles as a breeder is to ensure that your pups go to homes that take care of the puppy’s health and happiness for its entire lifetime. If a home isn’t a good fit for your pup, or vice versa, your pup isn’t a good fit for the home, it doesn't mean that the adopter is unfit to own a dog - it may mean that their lifestyle choices do not align with the needs of your breed.

However, it can be incredibly frustrating for a breeder to have to sift through hours of emails and phone calls from prospective adopters, who either do not understand the commitments required to look after a pup, or are not in it for the right reasons.

DoggyDoor requires prospective adopters to sign up to the platform in order to contact a breeder. In signing up, adopters must complete a number of questions about their lifestyle and their motivations behind introducing a pup into their home. At the core, this extra step will filter out those customers who are not willing to share details about their living situation. In addition, the sign up process and customer profile form may highlight holes in a prospective adopter's knowledge, thereby prompting them to undertake further education and consideration before contacting a breeder.

Once an adopter has completed the sign up process, they are able to contact you, the breeder by email. Upon initial enquiry, you are then able to see all the information shared by the prospective adopter on their sign up form, allowing you to make a decision as to whether this prospective adopter is a potential “good fit” for your pup. Once you have come to an initial decision about the prospective adopter, you are then able to contact the adopter to further understand their motivations and how they would be a good fit for your pup.

Going forward, we hope to further expand the education segments on DoggyDoor for prospective adopters. We would welcome learner modules written by you, the breeder, to ensure that prospective adopters fully understand the commitment and nuances required to raising your breed of dog. This will ensure that only the right adopters are getting in touch with the right breeders.