About DoggyDoor

Dogs in a band

Our mission was born out of our love and connection to our best friends. We strive every day to build a safer community for our dogs.


We aim to educate buyers on the decisions they make, and the commitments required to care for a dog of their own. We want buyers to engage with our articles and our interactive learner modules, to further acquaint themselves with the requirements of owning a puppy.


Ultimately, it’s about the connection between the breeder, the buyer and the pup. We want to build a community based on transparency, trust and accountability.


By allowing DoggyDoor to streamline the process for both the breeder and buyer, we free up valuable time for both. This will allow breeders to focus on the parts of the breeding process that they enjoy; building connections, and breeding beautiful, happy and healthy puppies. Organising litter dates, waiting lists, favoriting prospective buyers and making corresponding notes are built-in features to help our breeders with the everyday processes of breeding.


Ideally we want all buyers to communicate with ANKC registered breeders to ensure that puppies are sourced from ethical breeders who are consistently monitored. This will ensure that breeding practices are held to the highest standards and that our best friends stay happy and healthy.